'Pit Stop' Courses (24th January 2017)

As part of our curriculum, Year 10 and 11 pupils are given the opportunity to undertake a ‘Pit Stop’ course. These courses are run through Haybrook College and are designed to meet the needs of the individuals; offering support and pathways into further education, training or employment.

We currently have eight Year 10 students and four Year 11 students who access the course – which consists of four half day sessions.

There are three courses available at ‘Pit Stop’ – construction, motor vehicles and kitchen craft. Click on the titles (below) to find out more information about these off-site learning opportunities:

This course aims to teach the students how to use different hand tools and materials commonly used in construction. Students are taught the health
and safety practices needed to be successful in building and gain an understanding of the importance of health, safety and welfare issues. Students
discover the different occupations available in the construction industry.

There are currently three pupils undertaking the City and Guilds bricklaying pathway so that they can also gain their red and green CSCS card. We had our first successful student to gain both cards in construction, in July 2016, which has allowed him to go and work on a building site and further his
career and education in this field.

This course begins on the ABC Level 1 motor vehicle studies which is built up of 30% theory and 70% practical elements. The site is a working garage
where friends and family of the employees can send their vehicles; there are also cars that have been donated to the college for students to use as
learning tools.

The course allows students to learn about health and safety in a garage, understand engineering equipment and materials, and how to inspect a
vehicle correctly and safely. The students will also be required to valet a car both inside and out. If students prove capable they can move onto the IMI
service and maintenance and engineering qualification. This course also has a focus on Maths and Science for engineering technicians.

At Northern House School (Wokingham) there are six students on the motor vehicles course – three of these have been identified as possible
candidates for the IMI qualification.

This is an exciting course that our students have recently been able to attend. Three Northern House students have been enrolled to do the BTEC Level 2 Courses in cooking skills. To successful
complete this qualification, the learners have to plan a two course nutritious home cooked meal.

Students are introduced to different meals from around the world to support their cooking skills. The students will learn different knife techniques, how
to chop successfully and how to blend flavours together to make tasteful meals. So far the students have made wraps, biryani, korma, burgers, burritos, Cajun dishes and different seasonal desserts.

One student was invited to the kitchen evening, this is where students prepare a set meal for 40+ guests who will come into the restaurant and trial the meals prepared by the students. This was a very successful evening with the student receiving top marks for his presentation, timing and flavours.