Warm welcome to our new pets (22nd January 2018)

Classrooms in the UK have long been acquainted with a class pet in the form of a furry animal friend - but these are not the only pet to teach children valuable life skills. Enter the aquarium - an underwater habitat opening the eyes and ears of children, they are not just a wonderful sight in the quiet part of the room, but a fantastic tool to teach children a plethora of information. 

       All aspects of science can be taught from the mini eco system from water chemistry, to how fish eat and the nitrogen cycle

       Visual learning - Children can see how their efforts in tasks carried out affect the aquarium and it's inhabitants.            

      Valuable lessons in being responsible and caring for animals including team work - Working with classmates to ensure the aquarium is looked after and tasks are carried out

       Children are encouraged to look beyond their everyday life on land, use their imagination and consider the underwater world evolving in their classroom.

       Lastly - Aquariums have been proven to provide a calming atmosphere for children and studies have found that there is a loss of tension when fish are present in the classroom. Observing fish in an aquarium also helps calm children who suffer from ADHD.

       It will also inspire cognitive development, spark kid’s     imagination and improve their social and emotional skills.

       We  came up with the following rules in order to make sure that our goldfish are safe and well taken care of. They made us happy and we want to make sure that they are happy too.