Warhammer Part.1 (08th January 2018)

It’s been a while, but Warhammer is back!  Model making and gaming has enjoyed a long history at Northern House but it has been off the activities list for a little while, so we were delighted when the idea was floated with our current pupils that several of them were very excited about the prospect of making the models, the game-boards or just playing the games on a Friday afternoon.

At the moment we are learning to cope with the process of making the models.  These tiny bits of plastic have to be identified, prepared and glued together to create the fearsome 40K characters you can see in the pictures.  We have had a lot of fun, many laughs and only a tiny amount of frustration so far and the pupils have picked up the skills needed for this phase really quickly.  There is a great deal of co-operation and peer communication involved, especially when new students join the group.

Next week we have to start painting the figures, so watch this space for updates in coming weeks.