Show & Tell Professional Development (31st October 2017)

On October 31st, our dedicated staff stunned us with their strategies and techniques in how they engage pupils in learning, during our ‘Show and Tell’ Professional Development evening.

A few of our staff members described their tried and tested strategies as:

'Hands on activities have always been useful in Science. Creating non-Newtonian liquid was fun and educational.

Equipped with 5 senses we humans explore the universe around us and call this adventure SCIENCE like Edwin Habbell said a long time ago: “following their curiosity, our students will create wonders and we always give them opportunity to do this.”  Isn't that amazing!'

Ms Todorova, our Science Teacher

'I encourage our pupils to act out ideas - to write dialogue and stories based around their own ideas and the books we are reading. I bring in props ranging from mini spaceship men, to false moustaches to a pair of crutches. I insist that the pupils have fun.'

- Ms Childs, our English Teacher


The students all love playing with toys, they are tactile, friendly and understood by them so they are often intrigued as to how it is going to help them learn.

Lego bricks are great in maths, the students are able to visualise fractions, identify equivalent fractions and proportions.

The remote control cars are a great way to talk about directions, plans and different maps in geography – and are also a great reward at the end of a lesson.

The remote control cars are also used in KS4 lessons, especially CoPE to help the students to experience why communication is important, that listening carefully is as important as talking and how working in a team or with someone else can have benefits when it comes to achieving a task.'

- Ms Durrant, our Humanities Teacher

'Our unique teaching strategy in Food is this:

  • We hold high expectations of all our pupils.
  • We are knowledgeable in our subject.
  • We are willing to take risks and try something new.
  • We are consistent with our approach to learning experiences.
  • We make sure all pupils are motivated to learn and are aware of their achievements
  • We make learning fun, we have fun.'

- Mrs Fletcher, Deputy Headteacher and Food Technology Teacher