Science Vocabulary (14th December 2017)

KS3 science students are huge fans of scavenger hunts. I can teach them anything if I turn it into some kind of hunt.

I surprised them with our small solar system model. Once they found the first planet, they were even more excited to find the rest.


They absolutely loved this outer space activity. It was a fun and active way for them to learn about the planets and their order.

This activity also  offered an excellent way to give our students practice in reading for informational well. We placed 14 fact cards around the room and they did hunt, read, write, and learn all about the fun topic of the solar system.

I have included a word search for early finishers which was completed by all of them.


After all, it was a great way to get-them engaged while they were out of their chairs and on their feet.


Felix came first , followed by Denham and Oliver!

Well done to all students that took part in the Solar System Scavenger Hunt!