Funny Bones! (15th September 2017)

Year 9 have been learning all about skeletons in Science this week as part of the "Movement" module. We have covered how the skeleton is related to movement and support in humans, along with what happens to the skeleton and muscles as they move.

We also compared human bones and skeletons with those of other animals, and learned about Exoskeletons and Endoskeletons.

Work in this unit also offered opportunities for children to relate understanding of science to personal health.

It was so much fun to have a skeleton poster making competition and take part in the skeleton quiz. The hardest question was: Where are the smallest bones in the human body found?

Well done to Oliver and Denham who came first and second, followed closely by Maximillion and Josh.

Another practical lesson that has proved very successful as all the students learned well-they have always had the key to success!