Feedback from our teachers

Maisie Webb – UoR PGCE Student

"I loved my time at Northern House School.  The students and staff are like a big family and it was amazing to see the positive relationships staff build with students.  I really enjoyed getting to know all the students; they are fantastic young people who are so caring, funny and resilient.  Staff work so hard to nurture, inspire and motivate students, it was a real pleasure to observe and be part of the energetic and dynamic atmosphere in lessons and around the school.

My time at Northern House School has highlighted just how difficult it can be for some students who have additional learning needs.  If students are surrounded by dedicated and trustworthy practitioners who always go the extra mile, they can flourish and gain a real sense of achievement, no matter what subjects they strive at.  This is exactly the case for Northern house.  Staff at the school are so supportive of the students and one another, they cater learning to each student.  I will miss you Northern House .  I wish I could stay for longer."

Charlotte Williams – UoR PGCE Student

"I’ve had a brilliant time on placement at Northern House School.  The staff have been incredibly welcoming and it’s been a real pleasure to get to know all the students at the school.  It’s been really eye-opening to learn about the challenges that young people face and to see how the school responds to these challenges to help the students become more resilient and make learning accessible, as well as ensuring that support is put in place for the young people’s emotional well-being.

This experience will help me immensely in my classroom practice and with my pastoral duties in the future.  I really wish the placement was longer so I could continue to learn from the fantastic staff and spend more time with the amazing students."