Elements, Elements, Elements (16th October 2017)

This half term, KS3 Science students have been learning about different chemical elements and why they are important in our every day life.

They were offered an opportunity to enjoy and explore a broad range of topics whilst developing both their scientific skills and key understanding of core concepts in preparation for taking GCSE Science exam. We always aim to relate the material taught to the world around us and to highlight everyday applications, including recent developments.

Year 8 students came up with very interesting questions during our class discussions, like:

  • Why/how do we name chemical elements?
  • Why does sodium have the symbol Na?
  • Does a single atom show the same properties as a group of atoms?
  • Are CO and Co the same substance?

Their curiosity led them to deeper understanding of the practical use of many elements. In one of the theory sessions we had a quiz - How many elements do I know? 

Conner Abry Blizard won the 1st place with 39 chemical elements, Tyler Hunt 2nd with 18 chemical elements and Phoenix Pen 3rd with 12 chemical elements. They were awarded a certificate for this achievement.

The certificates were handed over on Friday 13/10/17 in the KS3 assembly.