3D Art Project (8th December 2017)

In Art the year 9 students have been working incredibly hard, they have been working on individual 3D projects this term. They have written a few words about their projects.

"I made a really big Matrix pit bike track, it was fun. I used a huge sheet of card, and made ramps, barriers & mounds with corrugated card & newspaper. My teacher helped me, she showed me what to do. I covered it all with modroc to make it strong. I used sand, glue and paint to make it look real, then made tyres out of wood that I painted, and glued them on with hot glue. A big thanks to Elaine (my Art Teacher)" - Denham

"I decided to make a NAS car track, like one I found online. He inspired me to use really big sheets of card, then I designed the layout of the track. I tried to use polystyrene for the banking but I couldn't quite get it right, as it was hard to cut the right angles. So I decided to do the barriers instead, I used polystyrene to make them. After that, I used 3 layers of modroc to stiffen up the barriers. I cut out the track from card & I spray painted it, with a concrete effect spray paint. I painted my barriers with acrylic paint & added my advertising. My teacher helped me, we used hot glue to stick all together. It looks good & I'm really pleased with it." - Ollie

The boys have learnt about 3D techniques & processes, as well as learning about perseverance, experimentation & dealing with frustration when materials don't respond quite how they thought they might. I am incredibly proud of their achievements. They have spent many weeks working in their Art lessons, Friday enrichment lessons & some lunchtimes to complete their projects. When they first started, the projects seemed daunting for the boys but they listened to advice & took each stage carefully, and now they are really proud of their achievements and have been excited to take them home before Christmas, I'm sure their parents will be just as proud of their hard work too.