The Armourers & Brasiers Gauntlet Trust's Science Grant (20th April 2017)

During the summer term of 2017 our KS3 and KS4 students will take part in the Goldfish vs. Human Respiration Rate Investigation thanks to the £750 Science grant we received from The Armourers & Brasiers Gauntlet Trust. This company gives financial support to schools to nurture achievement, enthusiasm and interest in Science among secondary school’s students.

The Armourers & Brasiers' Company is now one of the leading charities in the UK supporting metallurgy and materials Science; the modern discipline most closely aligned with the company's ancient trade of working with metal. Grants are made from the Armourers & Brasiers Gauntlet Trust, on the advice of the Company's Materials Science Committee.

In our investigation, we are going to find out whether people or fish breathe more quickly, and if size affects breathing rate. In other words - who has the higher breathing rate – fish or humans?

As a school, we use Science to explore the reasons for what we observe in living things, matter, energy and forces. We aim to nurture curiosity in students, encouraging them to ask questions and explore different viewpoints. As well as learning about different areas of Science, students also learn the importance of ‘Working Scientifically’. Practical work is an important part of students building and re-in forcing an understanding for themselves.

Every cell in the human body inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide using a process called respiration. Breathing is an important topic in the scientific syllabus because our cells constantly need a new supply of oxygen so they can produce energy – without this vital oxygen, cellular function is impaired and damaged. Better understanding of this basic concept is achieved with suitable practical investigation.