Roald Dahl Themed Day (10th March 2017)

In honour of World Book Day’s 20th Anniversary, our Primary pupils enjoyed a Roald Dahl  themed day. Pupils and staff got into the spirit by dressing up as their favourite characters and some were more scary than others...!


Willy Wonka The Witches The ever lovely Miss Honey Not so lovely Miss Trunchball

...and many more!

Pupils were also lucky enough to have a visitor - Mr Lark, who is an architect and designer. Mr Lark brought in his Virtual Reality headset to help the pupils design a Roald Dahl themed room:

Pupils were tasked with creating a floor plan including furniture with specific dimensions, and then a mood board to add the finishing touches. The class can’t wait for Mr Lark to return with their completed designs so that they can take a virtual tour around their rooms!

After completing a range of Roald Dahl  themed activities, pupils and staff finished off the day with a Dahlicious Afternoon Tea.  The only downside was that Mrs Twit managed to get into the kitchen and some of her worms ended up in our jam!