Our Kidney Research UK Fundraiser (9th May 2017)

This term, pupils and staff raised a fantastic sum of £101.13 for Kidney Research UK. Money was raised with the sale of bacon sandwiches to staff and pupils (thanks Mr Munro) and with a staff quiz - well done Sarah C for winning!

Why not have a go at the quiz yourself? Good luck!

Can you name these 'Things in My Body'...

1. Two lids 2. Two caps 3. Two musical instruments 4. Two established measures
5. Two students 6. Two fish 7. Two lofty trees 8. Two stately buildings
9. A number of small animals 10. Whips without handles 11. Weapons of defence 12. An artist’s implement
13. A silver coin 14. One large box 15. Unnecessary expense 16. A number of weathercocks
17. What a doctor does 18. Australian trees 19. Fruit of temptation 20. Shell fish
21. A vegetable 22. A young animal 23. What impudence