Our Glass-Like Organic Sculptures (27th June 2017)

Our Art students have been inspired by the glasswork of Dale Chihuly. To try and recreate their own glass-like organic sculptures, they used shrinking plastic and sharpie pens. As you can see, this worked really effectively.

They enjoyed being experimental with shapes, patterns and colours. The sheets of plastic were cut to their desired shape and then heated in the oven. They only needed to be in the oven for a minute or two, to create these beautifully organic and unique shapes. They look remarkably glass-like too.

The students also enjoyed considering the science behind the changing qualities of the plastic, as it was heated and cooled e.g. shape, thickness, strength of colours etc.

The finished sculptures have now been presented as a group installation in the Art classroom. They have been suspended above a clear sheet of Perspex over the entrance to one of the skylights. The colours are so striking in the sunlight, creating a stained-glass effect within the classroom, for all to enjoy.

Mrs Faluyi is very pleased with how the students are being inspired by a range of 2D and 3D artists; they are engaging well which is evident through a range of beautiful work. They should all be very proud of their achievements!