New Science Project Bears Vegetables! (14th July 2017)

Our gardening club has been thriving! We began the project around Easter time, when the raised beds had not been touched since the previous summer. Since the club began, pupils have worked hard every Friday afternoon during options time, planting, weeding, watering and making hanging baskets.

At least 10 different pupils have helped out and we think the results look great! They have grown potatoes, tomatoes, French beans, runner beans, sage, thyme, lemon mint, pansies, gladioli, and have looked after the roses and shrubs that were already there.

The starting of the gardening club tied in nicely with pupils’ new Science project – where they studied plant reproduction, pollination and seed dispersal. Seeing the new potatoes was a completion of observing the life cycle of a plant. Some pupils are working towards gaining AQA Unit awards by taking part in the gardening club.

Big well done to the Science department, and a special thanks to our volunteer who has dedicated his time every Friday afternoon to help out, and built us a great compost bin!