'Me & You' Workshop (5th June 2017)

On May 17th, we were delighted to invite the ‘Me & You’ group in to run some workshops with the Key Stage 3 pupils. The workshops were delivered by Imran and Paul who have very different religious viewpoints, but come together to tackle the ‘Us and Them’ thinking of extremists. The core message is that 'Me and You' - as individuals - have to get to know and understand each other, despite our differences.

The workshops explored a variety of topics including, how extremist groups operate in order to change personal values/views, how to build resilience against extremism and strategies to prevent radicalisation. These workshops were designed to allow pupils to gain an understanding into this global issue and to ask lots of questions about different cultures and what radicalisation means.

There were lots of positive comments about the workshops; pupils found them useful as they learnt about how to keep themselves safe. At the end of the day, our staff team also came together for their own workshop about extremism and learnt how to keep the pupils safe by further educating them following the day’s sessions.

Big thank you to ‘Me & You’ for allowing our pupils and staff team to feel confident and able to discuss different cultures, as well as making everyone aware on how to be safe.