'Life Lessons' with Shaun Attwood (9th May 2017)

Last month, Year 9, 10 and 11 pupils took part in a day of workshops focused on substance abuse and its harrowing consequences.

The first workshop involved a talk from Shaun Attwood, who shared his true story about prison and drugs. Mr Attwood, a former stock-market millionaire who served time in the jail for drug importation, visits schools to talk to young people about his life in order to open their eyes to the harrowing consequences of getting involved in drugs and crime. After the talk, Mr Attwood gave each student a copy of one of his books, “Life Lessons.” The pupils and staff were captivated by his story and much discussion followed.

Following this talk, pupils took part in 3 more workshops; different types of drugs and their effects, the social impact of drug use and a “post mortem on a drug user” given by the school police liaison officer, Les Eekes.

The entire day was eye-opening for all our pupils and staff. Thank you to everyone who took part, especially Mr Attwood for taking the time to share his gripping story with our pupils.

Connor with Shaun
Jacob with Shaun
'Life Lessons' - the book given to pupils