Electrifying Science! (21st April 2017)

'Why is electrical power so important for people today?'

Hundreds of years ago, people would never have imagined that they could make lives very easy through technology. In the modern day, people cannot imagine life without electricity.

Without it, life would be much more difficult and slow. People need to learn how to value electricity and learn how to produce it from renewable sources.

Yesterday, Key Stage 3 pupils learnt how to make different electrical circuits in the Science laboratory. Working in pairs, they discussed how electrical circuits work and what happens when you add more batteries and more bulbs. Having had the chance to talk through their ideas about electric circuits with a partner and write them down (in response to the diagnostic question ‘Bulb light’), the pupils designed a big electric circuit together. This circuit was then used to challenge the pupils’ ideas about electric circuits.

One more time practical work proved that learning Science concepts is easier with hands on activities. They were all very enthusiastic about designing the circuits themselves. No wonder some people say that “enthusiasm is the electricity of life ”.