Local Governing Body

A MAT is one legal entity which is set up to run a number of schools. The MAT will have a board of directors which commonly comprises representatives from each of the member academies.  


In a MAT, the board of directors has the same governor/trustee/ company director duties as a governing body of a single academy trust. Hence, the board of directors will deal with the strategic running of the MAT and will delegate the operational day-to-day running of the member schools to each academy’s Local Governing Body (LGB), which will usually be set up for each school. The level of delegation to LGBs can be varied to suit specific circumstances.


Duties of the LGB

Most of the LGB will not be directors or trustees of the MAT and will mainly be representatives from the school. They will however have duties delegated to them by the board of directors and it will be the responsibility of the board of directors to ensure that they are exercising these functions in line with the relevant duties. The LGB will still have responsibilities as school governors.


LGB Members

The LGB is appointed by the board of directors. Below is a list of our governors;

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Helen Marengo

Fran Pass

Phillip Avery


Sarah Concannon
(Staff Governor)

Rose Mahony


Pat Beilby-Smith





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Felicity Workman

Emma Coles



  • Clerk to the governors: Natalie Jarman


Brief summary about the Governors:

After 20 years teaching and being a Head in a specialist school she qualified as an educational psychologist and worked at Senior levels in 4 different Local Authorities . She has been a Governor in two special schools and two mainstream schools and still works in local schools as a Consultant Psychologist.

- Pat Beilby-Smith


Is a retired Head teacher with considerable experience in Special educational needs. She worked in Wokingham for much of her professional career which included 25 years ar Barnardo's High Close School and two years when she was interim Head teacher of Southfield school.

As a member of the LGB she is looking forward to working with the entire school community to ensure that all the school pupils are provided with the highest quality educational experience resulting in the best possible outcomes.

- Rose Mahony


"I have worked in the computer software industry for approximately 25 years and run a small business.  I have been a school governor for 10 years, and Chair for 5 years.  I enjoy nothing more than escaping from my day job to spend time in school, and am passionate about working with my school colleagues to improve opportunities for our students."

- Helen Marengo


Is a retired Occupational Therapist and has a particular interest in special needs. She has been a governor in schools for the past 20 years. 

- Felicity Workman