Welcome to Northern House School (Wokingham)

Our school is a successful and happy one, where pupils feel valued and learn to take responsibility for themselves and others. We are blessed with children of many different age groups. Our school has an important role to play in the whole development of each individual student and is committed to equal opportunities for all.


Our school aims are:

  • To develop our total curriculum provision to ensure that we offer high quality learning opportunities that are able to meet the needs of each pupil, that maximises pupil progress and instills in our students the confidence to contribute positively to our society.
  • To extend the range of extra curriculum provision opportunities for all our stakeholders and develop Northern House School (Wokingham) as an active, healthy school.
  • To create a stimulating, secure and exciting environment which encourages full and positive participation, in all aspects of school life, by all stakeholders.
  • To ensure that all students are adequately supported, appropriately challenged and have a variety of opportunities to exceed expectations and overcome barriers to learning.
  • To create a supportive caring and purposeful ethos which promotes the values of the school and offers a high quality customer service to individual students, parents and other key stakeholders.
  • To improve school performance by providing high quality support, accountability and professional development for teaching and non teaching colleagues.

Our school comprises of a:

Main School
The main school comprises eight year bases, a hall/gymnasium, and specialist facilities for Art, Design Technology, Science, Information & Communication Technology and Food Technology. On the first floor is the staff room and library.  The school has its own hard play areas and a playing field.


Field House
Field House is a purpose built unit consisting of a self-contained Year 7 unit, Music Room and contains the Breakfast Club facilities.


Primary School
Northern House School (Wokingham) is the only Primary provision for SEMH in the Wokingham and Bracknell area. We aim to develop our total curriculum provision to ensure that we offer high quality learning opportunities that are able to meet the needs of each pupil that maximises pupil progress and instils in or students the confidence to contribute positively to society.


Northern House School (Wokingham) is an special academy based in Wokingham, which serves as a regional resource.  Our students come from a number of areas, including Wokingham.  Students may come to the school with considerable experience of failure and consequent low self-esteem.  As a result they may present challenging behaviour or exhibit inappropriate attempts at social interaction.  Such students benefit from clear boundaries and a structured environment.


We also have a school council which allows students to take part in decisions concerning the management of the school.  Everybody who wants to take part will be given an opportunity at some time during their school career.